Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Long Time No See...

I haven't been making any BNG's lately due to busyness and I haven't been inspired. If anyone would like to take over on making Games on a regular basis, please let me know ASAP.
Thank you.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Name This Baby (Sister Edition)! BNG#23

Sister 1

Sister 2
First and middle name, last name optional, these are sisters. Have fun! :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Six Children! BNG#22

Child 1• ♂ Boy
FN: Jacob, James, Joseph, Jackson
MN: Theodore, Tyler, Thomas, Thatcher

Child 2• ♀ Girl
FN: Calliope, Carabella, Catalina, Cordelia
MN: You choose

Child 3• ♂ Boy
FN: You choose
MN: Elias, Elijah, Eliot (Elliot, Elliott), Ellison

Child 4• ♀ Girl
FN: Samantha, Savannah, Seraphina, Scarlett
MN: Claire, Jade, Paige, May

Child 5• ♂ Boy
FN: Luke, Ethan, Milo, Noah
MN: You choose.

Child 6• ♀ Girl
FN: Elsa, Eve, Joy, Jane
MN: You choose
Have Fun!! :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Girl Triplets! #BNG21

Baby 1Girl
FN: Rose, Eve, Anne, Maria
MN: A long name, more than 5 letters.

Baby 2Girl
FN: Your number one name for a girl.
MN: Your number one name that you hate for a girl.

Baby 3Girl
FN: Bethany, Lydia, Rebekah, Nicole
MN: Your choice.
Have fun!! :)

Monday, July 2, 2012

It's Your Life (Multiple Choice) BNG#20

Finally made it to twenty BNGs! To celebrate I decided to make a pretty lengthy game. I hope you enjoy.

  Your name is (1) ____ ____ ____ (first, middle, last, doesn't have to be real) and you are a twenty-three years young. You are working as a/n (2) ____ (choose from the options below)
A: musician 
B: interior designer
C: psychologist
D: screenwriter
You are living in a cute, quiet, quirky apartment in (3) ____ (name of a city in North America, England, and Australia). Most of the your neighbors are elderly people living alone or elderly couples that have lived in the building for several years. So everyone notices when a handsome man moves into the apartment across from yours. Happy that someone around your age finally lives near you, you want to make a good first impression, you drop by his place and introduce yourself- welcoming him to the building. He invites you inside for coffee, and you end up talking and helping him unpack the rest of his boxes for the better part of the day. His name is (4) ____ ____ ____ (first, middle, last, doesn't have to be real) and he is (5) ____ (choose of the description from below)
A:  a quiet, low-key, thirty-two year old executive for a big electronics company. He is very empathetic and usually the first person his friends turn to when they have a problem, because he’s a great listener. He doesn’t like too much change and prefers to sit down with a good book rather than party the night away. He is thoughtful, perceptive and the portrait of stability. It doesn’t take much for him to be happy and he isn’t the least bit pretentious.
B:  a twenty-six year old police officer from a very large family - four brothers and two sisters. His father and grandfather were both highly respected police commissioners, so he feels like he has a lot to live up to. He is very determined, and once he sets his mind to something, he always follows through. He tries not to make promises he can’t keep and tends to put a lot of pressure on himself to excel. He is also athletic and plays a variety of sports, from baseball and soccer, to tennis and hockey.
C:  a twenty-seven year old medical student, specializing in pediatrics. He is normally quite serious and doesn’t speak up unless he has something really important to say. He finds it very difficult to open up to people, but when he does he is fiercely protective of them. He tries to avoid confrontation at all costs and prefers to calmly reason things out rather than fight. He is honest, sometimes brutally so, and doesn’t like to sugar-coat the truth. 
 The next day, you ring his doorbell again, this time bearing gifts: bread, so he never goes hungry, salt, so his life aways has flavor and a candle, so he always has light (as the old saying goes). He laughs, thanks you, and invites you to dinner that night. You happily accept and, over the next six months, see more and more of him. Soon, you’re moving in together (his apartment, since he just got everything settled and doesn’t really want to move again) and are head-over-heels in love.
One Thursday night, you order in Chinese like you always do on Thursdays. While you are chomping away, he calmly says, "Let's get married". You are shocked but you manage an excited "Yes!". He pulls out a ring and puts it on your finger. The ring looks like (6) _____ (choose from the ones below, letter is under the picture)

Almost a year later you get married on (7) ____ (month, day) and your wedding dress looks like (8) ____ (choose from below, letter is under the picture)
You both love to travel, so you choose three places in which to spend your honeymoon. You go to (9)______, ______ and ______ (choose three of the options below)
(A) Cairo, Egypt
(B) Istanbul, Turkey
(C) Tokyo, Japan
(D) Laguna Beach, California
(E) Victoria, British Columbia
(F) Cannes, France
(G) Bridgetown, Barbados
(H) Las Vegas, Nevada
(I)  Honolulu, Hawaii
After two years of marriage, you discover you are pregnant! You give birth to a baby boy. His first name is you choice but his middle name must start with the letter (10) ____ (choose from the options below)
(A) D
(B) E
(C) G
Your son's name is (11) ____ ____ ____ (first, middle, and last)
When you son is three- you find out you are pregnant again. This time with a baby girl. You both decide on making her first or middle name- or both- after a family member. You name her after your (12) _____ (choose from the options below)
(A) Mother / Step-mother
(B) Grandmother
(C) Sister / Step-sister
(D) Aunt
Your daughter's name is (13) ____ ____ ____ (first, middle, and last)
By now your tiny apartment is too small for your rapidly growing family (and a little too loud for your neighbors). You soon move out into a much larger house. A house that looks like this (14) ____ (choose from the options below, letters are under the picture) 
About three years after moving into your new house, you get pregnant one last time- with twins! One boy and one girl, just as you and your husband wished. Their middle names are your choice, but their first names are from the top 100 from another country. Such as (15)  ____ (choose one the countries below)
(B) England and Wales (names here-
Your twins names are (16) ____ ____ ____ and ____ ____ ____ (first, middle, and last)
A few months after the twins are born your older children keep talking about having a pet. Your and your husband decide to surprise them one day with two pets. One cat, one dog, and let them decide on the name. 

The pets names are (17) ____ and ____ (you can choose the genders).
                                                     Your beautiful family is now complete! Have fun!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Girls, Girls, Girls! BNG#19

A girl version of the last BNG, hope you enjoy! Here we go...
•Baby 1• Girl
FN: Starts with "L".
MN: Starts with "M".
•Baby 2• Girl
FN: From this list (
MN: Your choice
•Baby 3• Girl
FN: Starts with "E".
MN: After your best friend (if it is a boy, use the feminine version of his name).
•Baby 4• Girl
FN: Has the letters "ie" together in it.
MN: The first name of your favorite female celebrity.
•Baby 5• Girl
FN: Your choice.
MN: Your first name or middle name.
•Baby 6• Girl
FN: One of the following names- Eloise, Coralie, Catalina, Cordelia
MN: Your choice.
Have fun! Having a bit of a block with coming up with BNG's but more will still be coming, it just could take a little while. :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Boys, Boys, Boys! BNG#18

Baby 1Boy
FN: Starts with "D" and has to have less than 7 letters.
MN: Starts with "L".
Baby 2Boy
FN: From this list (
MN: Your choice.
Baby 3Boy
FN: Starts with "A".
MN: After a family member.
Baby 4Boy
FN: Has the letters "an" together in it.
MN: The last name of your favorite celebrity.
Baby 5Boy
FN: Your choice
MN: The masculine version of your first name or middle name.
Baby 6Boy
FN: One of the following names- Henry, Lukas, Alaric, Kyler
MN: Your choice
Have fun!

Friday, June 15, 2012

This or That: 1880 vs. 2000 BNG#17

The top 20 girl names from 1880 (first row) and 2000 (second row).
Mary or Emily
Anna or Hannah
Emma or Madison
Elizabeth or Ashley
Minnie or Sarah
Margaret or Alexis 
Ida or Samantha
Alice or Jessica
Bertha or Elizabeth
Sarah or Taylor
Annie or Lauren
Clara or Alyssa
Ella or Kayla
Florence or Abigail
Cora or Brianna
Martha or Olivia
Laura or Emma
Nellie or Megan
Grace or Victoria
Carrie or Grace
In the second row, Grace and Victoria had to be switched, Victoria is originally the 20th name. Pick away and have fun! :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Decisions, Decisions... BNG#16

•Child 1• ♂ Boy
First Name: Must be from this list-
Middle Name: Must start with "L".
•Child 2• ♀ Girl
First Name: Must be from this list-
Middle Name: Your mother's first name.
•Child 3 & 4• ♂♀ Twins Boy Girl
First Name: Must be from this list-
Middle Name: Must be from this list-
•Child 5• ♀ Girl
First Name: A name you hate.
Middle Name: You choose
Have fun! 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Decisions, Decisions... BNG#15

•Child 1• ♀ Girl
First Name: Starts with the same first letter on your first name.
Middle Name: Starts with the same letter as your middle name.
•Child 2• ♀ Girl
First Name: Choose one of the following names- Bethany, Abigail, Sophia, Sarah
Middle Name: Choose one of the following names- Alexandria, Katherine, Elisabeth, Joy
•Children 3 & 4• ♂♂ Twin Boys
First Name: Both have to start with the same letter but should not rhyme.
Middle Name: Top two of your favorite boy names.
•Child 5• ♂ Boy
First Name: Starts with the first letter of your surname.
Middle Name: One of your guilty pleasure names.
•Child 6 & 7 & 8• ♀♂♀ Triplets Girl Boy Girl
First Name: Your favorite names that start with J and A and E.
Middle Name: Nature related.
•Child 9• ♂ Boy
First Name: Choose one of the following names- James, Ryan, Nikolas, Jacob
Middle Name: You choose.
•Child 10• ♀ Girl
First Name:Phoebe, Persephone, Penelope, Piper
Middle Name: You choose.
Tell me what you think of these type of BNG's. Have fun! :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Name 4 Children With These Names: BNG#14

Four children, and you can pick the genders. First names and middle names must come from the names below. Last names are completely optional.

Here are the girl names: Michelle, Grace, Sophia, Rose, Caroline, Stella, Bethany, Lydia, Eloise, Lucy, Isobel, Lily, Katherine, Caitlin, Natalie, Elena, Charlotte, Elisabeth, Anastasia, Seraphina, Phoebe, Joy, Elsa, Maria, Daphne, Isabella, Alexandria, Annabelle, Emilie, Coralie, Sarah, Rebekah.

Here are the boy names: James, Riley, Alexander, Nikolas, Taylor, Ryan, Elijah, David, Dylan, Jacob, Logan, Christopher, Nathaniel, Matthew, Timothy, Thomas, Heath, Theodore, Avery, Elliot, Henry, Noah, Lucas, Alexis, Parker, Joseph, Daniel, Michael, Kyle, Benjamin, Peter, Ethan
Have fun!

Which one? BNG #13

Baby #1:
If you are wearing shorts, it's a boy.
If you are wearing pants, it's a girl.
If you are wearing other, you decide the gender.
First name is one syllable, middle name is a name you hate.

Baby #2:
If you are married, it's a boy.
If you are single, it's a girl.
If you are in a relationship but not married, you decide the gender.
First name must be traditional, middle name must begin with the first letter of your first name.

If you have kids in real life, it's boys.
If you don't have kids in real life, it's girls.
First name must start with the second letter of you middle name, middle names must start with the same letter (not the same letter as the first name).

Tell me what you think of these type of BNG's. Have fun! :)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Initials BNG#12

Short and sweet baby name games are always nice :)
This is for a girl. One first name, one middle name, one surname.
Initials are: BJG

It's Your Life BNG#11

This is you and your husband.
Your names are (1) ______ ______ ______ and ______ ______ ______ (first, middle, and last. doesn't have to be your real names), you are both twenty-four and you have been married for three years. You have been trying to have a baby for over a year and have had no luck. A few days after your anniversary you find out you are pregnant! A beautiful baby boy is born February 19th. You and your husband decide the first name should start with the first letter of his first name and the middle name should start with the first letter of your first name.
Your son's name is (2) ______ ______.
When your son is five you become pregnant again. This time you give birth to twins. Two girls! First names must be related to nature and middle names must be under 5 letters.
Their names are (3) ______ ______ and _______ ______
 Three years later you and your husband get that baby itch, but due to complications with your last labor you are not able to have any more children. You look into adoption, a few months later you meet a young, pregnant woman named Alexandria. She has chosen you to the parents of the baby. All of you decide to wait to find the sex until the baby is born. When the baby arrives you find out he is a boy!
You give him the middle name Alexander in honor of Alexandria. His first name is up to you. 
His name is (4) ______ ______
Your family is almost complete! You decide to adopt a female dog. The kids get to choose the name. 
Her name is (5) ______
Now your family is complete. This is my first "Life" BNG so it may not be great but it gives you something to do when you are bored ;)
Have fun!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Name This Baby BNG#10

Name this baby girl! First and middle name. Last name is optional. Imagine away!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Six Children, name them! BNG#9

You have six children. Three girls and three boys.
The girls' first names are nature related, middle names are the common girl names from 2011.
Girl First Names: Autumn, Sunshine, Brooke, Summer, Jasmine, Rosemarie, Aurora, Sage, Zoe, Willow, Violet, Rose, Olivia, Rio, Luna.
Girl Middle Names: Sophia, Isabella, Emma, Ava, Emily, Abigail, Madison, Mia, Chloe, Elizabeth, Natalie, Grace, Brooklyn, Alexa, Samantha
The boys' first name are the common boy names from 2011, middle names are your choice.
Boy First Names: Jacob, Mason, William, Jayden, Noah, Michael, Ethan, Alexander, Aiden, Daniel, Anthony, Matthew, Elijah, Joshua, Liam
Boy Middle Names: YOUR choice, pick any middle name you want.

Have fun! xoxo Sarah

Surprise! You have Twins! BNG#8

Surprise, you are pregnant with twins! One girl and one boy.
Girl's initials are B.J
Boy's initials are D.J
Last name is optional.  Have fun! xoxo Sarah

Friday, April 6, 2012

Name This Baby! BNG#7

Name this baby boy! First and middle name. Last name is optional. Imagine away!

Baby Name Combos! BNG#6

So here's what you do. You make six, or more if you'd like, combos (first name and middle name) from these list of boy names. It's pretty easy. I will include mine in the comments. Here are the list of the names!...

  1. Davis
  2. James
  3. Lucas
  4. Nathaniel
  5. Christopher
  6. Micah
  7. Alexander
  8. Nikolai
  9. Daniel
  10. Jacob
  11. Ethan
  12. Elijah
  13. Noah
  14. Ryan
  15. Steven
  16. Logan
  17. Benjamin
  18. Mason
  19. Matthew
  20. Jackson
  21. Elliot
  22. Liam
          Have fun and combo away!!

Name This Baby BNG#5

Name this baby girl! First and middle name. Last name optional. Imagine Away!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Baby Name Combos! BNG#4

So here's what you do. You make six, or more if you'd like, combos (first name and middle name) from these list of girl names. It's pretty easy. I will include mine in the comments. Anyways, here are the list of the names.

  1. Joy
  2. Lucy
  3. Eliana
  4. Zoe
  5. Genevieve
  6. Annabelle
  7. Piper
  8. Rosemarie
  9. Bethany
  10. Lydia
  11. Stella
  12. Sophia
  13. Isobel
  14. Rebekah
  15. Lorelei
  16. Katherine
  17. Sarah
  18. Lilah
  19. Sawyer
  20. Brooke
  21. Selena
Have fun and combo away!!

Name This Baby! (BNG#3)

Name this baby boy! What do you think his name would be? Imagine away!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Baby Name Game! Room Edition! (BNG#2)

Baby Name Game! Room Edition. (BNG#2)
Based on the rooms that you see come up with a first name and middle name for  the baby. Last name is optional

 Baby Girl #1

Baby Boy #2

Two Baby Girls #3

Birthday Baby Name Game BNG#1

Birthday Baby Name Game (BNG #1)
You're 25 and you have been happily married for 5 years. You get pregnant with triplets! Two boys and One girl. Pick the first name from the month you were born and the middle name from the day.  You can use a friend or family members birthday, too. Have fun!!

Boy #1:
January: Ethan
February: Michael
March: Xavier
April: Cooper
May: Lucas
June: Wyatt
July: Adrian
August: Brody
September: Ryan
October: Parker
November: Alexander
December: Nathan

1: Elijah
2: Christopher
3: Hayden
4: Chase
5: Sebastian
6: Taylor
7: Caleb
8: Matthew
9: Logan
10: David
11: Joshua
12: Blake
13: Jason
14: Levi
15: Isaac
16: Nicholas
17: Gavin
18: Jude
19: James
20: Evan
21: Steven
22: Ian
23: Andrew
24: Clay
25: Austin
26: Thomas
27: Brayden
28: Zachary
29: Noah
30: Jackson
31: Keith

Boy #2

January: Damon
February: Dalton
March: Derek
April: Darryl 
May: David
June: Davis
July: Dean
August: Donovan
September: Dimitri
October: Drake
November: Drew
December: Dylan

1: James
2: Jack
3: Jabbar
4: Jayden
5: Jacob
6: Jake
7: Jay
8: Jared
9: Jason
10: Jasper
11: Javier
12: Jeffery
13: Jeremy
14: Jesse
15: Joseph
16: John
17: Joel
18: Jonathan
19: Jett
20: Jordan
21: Jose
22: Julian
23: Jeremiah
24: Jensen
25: Jermaine
26: Joey
27: Jorge
28: Johnny
29: Juan
30: Jesus
31: Jace

Girl #1

January: Violet
February: Sunshine
March: Olive
April: Summer
May: Willow
June: Jasmine
July: Autumn
August: Sage
September: Daisy
October: Skye
November: Winter
December: Brooke

  1.  Sophia
  2. Anna
  3. Zoey
  4. Lucy
  5. Lily
  6. Sarah
  7. Kaley
  8. Stella
  9. Kayla
  10. Taylor
  11. Paige
  12. Charlotte
  13. Julia
  14. Rose
  15. Melanie
  16. Camilla
  17. Haley
  18. Eliza
  19. Piper
  20. Olivia
  21. Averie
  22. Brianna
  23. Katherine
  24. Emily
  25. Maria
  26. Natalia
  27. Abigail
  28. Alaina
  29. Juliet
  30. Kara
  31. Joy