Monday, June 11, 2012

Decisions, Decisions... BNG#15

•Child 1• ♀ Girl
First Name: Starts with the same first letter on your first name.
Middle Name: Starts with the same letter as your middle name.
•Child 2• ♀ Girl
First Name: Choose one of the following names- Bethany, Abigail, Sophia, Sarah
Middle Name: Choose one of the following names- Alexandria, Katherine, Elisabeth, Joy
•Children 3 & 4• ♂♂ Twin Boys
First Name: Both have to start with the same letter but should not rhyme.
Middle Name: Top two of your favorite boy names.
•Child 5• ♂ Boy
First Name: Starts with the first letter of your surname.
Middle Name: One of your guilty pleasure names.
•Child 6 & 7 & 8• ♀♂♀ Triplets Girl Boy Girl
First Name: Your favorite names that start with J and A and E.
Middle Name: Nature related.
•Child 9• ♂ Boy
First Name: Choose one of the following names- James, Ryan, Nikolas, Jacob
Middle Name: You choose.
•Child 10• ♀ Girl
First Name:Phoebe, Persephone, Penelope, Piper
Middle Name: You choose.
Tell me what you think of these type of BNG's. Have fun! :)


  1. Evelyn Elise
    Sophia Elizabeth
    Theo Felix and Tristan Jude
    Samuel Archer
    Juliet Rose, Alec River, Elyssia Rowan
    James Evander
    Persephone Grace

    love ALL bngs...make MORE

  2. Sophie-Mae Sarah
    Bethany Joy
    James Alfie and Jason Bradley
    George Yogi
    Jodie Lily, Alex River and Evie Rose
    Ryan Cory
    Penelope Alice

    I love this game!

  3. Makayla Elizabeth
    Sophia Katherine
    Joshua Ryan
    Jonah Samuel
    Franklin Ryder
    Juliet Rose
    Austin River
    Evangline Lily
    Nikolas James
    Persphone Kay

  4. • Emily Madeleine
    • Sarah Elisabeth
    • Matthew Joseph & Michael William
    • Philip Walter
    • Jenna Violet, Andrew Clay, & Ella Rosemary
    • Jacob Henry
    • Piper Marie

    "Emily, Sarah, Matthew, Michael, Philip, Jenna, Andrew, Ella, Jacob, & Piper" :)

  5. Marley Josephine
    Bethany Elisabeth
    Remy Nolan & Roman Evander
    Davey Gideon
    Aoife Hazel, Joseph River & Emmanuelle Sage
    Ryan Manuel
    Piper Violet - my top girl name


  6. | ♀ - Evelyn Marissa
    | ♀ - Sophia Elisabeth
    | ♂/♂ - Reuben Levi / Romeo Zachary
    | ♂ - Dominic Jethro
    | ♀/♂/♀ - Aurora Poppy / Joshua Heath / Elena Jasmine
    | ♂ - Jacob Nathaniel
    | ♀ - Phoebe Grace