Thursday, June 28, 2012

Girls, Girls, Girls! BNG#19

A girl version of the last BNG, hope you enjoy! Here we go...
•Baby 1• Girl
FN: Starts with "L".
MN: Starts with "M".
•Baby 2• Girl
FN: From this list (
MN: Your choice
•Baby 3• Girl
FN: Starts with "E".
MN: After your best friend (if it is a boy, use the feminine version of his name).
•Baby 4• Girl
FN: Has the letters "ie" together in it.
MN: The first name of your favorite female celebrity.
•Baby 5• Girl
FN: Your choice.
MN: Your first name or middle name.
•Baby 6• Girl
FN: One of the following names- Eloise, Coralie, Catalina, Cordelia
MN: Your choice.
Have fun! Having a bit of a block with coming up with BNG's but more will still be coming, it just could take a little while. :)


  1. Lilika Marley
    Eden Piper
    Emmanuelle Audrey
    Amelie Blake
    Gaia Josephine
    Coralie Violet


  2. Lily Melody
    Isabella Sarah
    Evie Kathryn
    Queenie Jessie
    Alice Siân
    Coralie Amy

  3. Luna Madeline
    Aurora Phoebe
    Evelyn Bryony
    Sofie Cote
    Isla Marie
    Eloise Catherine

  4. Lucia Maria
    Belle Emmeline
    Eloise Olivia
    Amelie Bethany
    Anastasia Maria
    Catalina Joy