Monday, July 2, 2012

It's Your Life (Multiple Choice) BNG#20

Finally made it to twenty BNGs! To celebrate I decided to make a pretty lengthy game. I hope you enjoy.

  Your name is (1) ____ ____ ____ (first, middle, last, doesn't have to be real) and you are a twenty-three years young. You are working as a/n (2) ____ (choose from the options below)
A: musician 
B: interior designer
C: psychologist
D: screenwriter
You are living in a cute, quiet, quirky apartment in (3) ____ (name of a city in North America, England, and Australia). Most of the your neighbors are elderly people living alone or elderly couples that have lived in the building for several years. So everyone notices when a handsome man moves into the apartment across from yours. Happy that someone around your age finally lives near you, you want to make a good first impression, you drop by his place and introduce yourself- welcoming him to the building. He invites you inside for coffee, and you end up talking and helping him unpack the rest of his boxes for the better part of the day. His name is (4) ____ ____ ____ (first, middle, last, doesn't have to be real) and he is (5) ____ (choose of the description from below)
A:  a quiet, low-key, thirty-two year old executive for a big electronics company. He is very empathetic and usually the first person his friends turn to when they have a problem, because he’s a great listener. He doesn’t like too much change and prefers to sit down with a good book rather than party the night away. He is thoughtful, perceptive and the portrait of stability. It doesn’t take much for him to be happy and he isn’t the least bit pretentious.
B:  a twenty-six year old police officer from a very large family - four brothers and two sisters. His father and grandfather were both highly respected police commissioners, so he feels like he has a lot to live up to. He is very determined, and once he sets his mind to something, he always follows through. He tries not to make promises he can’t keep and tends to put a lot of pressure on himself to excel. He is also athletic and plays a variety of sports, from baseball and soccer, to tennis and hockey.
C:  a twenty-seven year old medical student, specializing in pediatrics. He is normally quite serious and doesn’t speak up unless he has something really important to say. He finds it very difficult to open up to people, but when he does he is fiercely protective of them. He tries to avoid confrontation at all costs and prefers to calmly reason things out rather than fight. He is honest, sometimes brutally so, and doesn’t like to sugar-coat the truth. 
 The next day, you ring his doorbell again, this time bearing gifts: bread, so he never goes hungry, salt, so his life aways has flavor and a candle, so he always has light (as the old saying goes). He laughs, thanks you, and invites you to dinner that night. You happily accept and, over the next six months, see more and more of him. Soon, you’re moving in together (his apartment, since he just got everything settled and doesn’t really want to move again) and are head-over-heels in love.
One Thursday night, you order in Chinese like you always do on Thursdays. While you are chomping away, he calmly says, "Let's get married". You are shocked but you manage an excited "Yes!". He pulls out a ring and puts it on your finger. The ring looks like (6) _____ (choose from the ones below, letter is under the picture)

Almost a year later you get married on (7) ____ (month, day) and your wedding dress looks like (8) ____ (choose from below, letter is under the picture)
You both love to travel, so you choose three places in which to spend your honeymoon. You go to (9)______, ______ and ______ (choose three of the options below)
(A) Cairo, Egypt
(B) Istanbul, Turkey
(C) Tokyo, Japan
(D) Laguna Beach, California
(E) Victoria, British Columbia
(F) Cannes, France
(G) Bridgetown, Barbados
(H) Las Vegas, Nevada
(I)  Honolulu, Hawaii
After two years of marriage, you discover you are pregnant! You give birth to a baby boy. His first name is you choice but his middle name must start with the letter (10) ____ (choose from the options below)
(A) D
(B) E
(C) G
Your son's name is (11) ____ ____ ____ (first, middle, and last)
When you son is three- you find out you are pregnant again. This time with a baby girl. You both decide on making her first or middle name- or both- after a family member. You name her after your (12) _____ (choose from the options below)
(A) Mother / Step-mother
(B) Grandmother
(C) Sister / Step-sister
(D) Aunt
Your daughter's name is (13) ____ ____ ____ (first, middle, and last)
By now your tiny apartment is too small for your rapidly growing family (and a little too loud for your neighbors). You soon move out into a much larger house. A house that looks like this (14) ____ (choose from the options below, letters are under the picture) 
About three years after moving into your new house, you get pregnant one last time- with twins! One boy and one girl, just as you and your husband wished. Their middle names are your choice, but their first names are from the top 100 from another country. Such as (15)  ____ (choose one the countries below)
(B) England and Wales (names here-
Your twins names are (16) ____ ____ ____ and ____ ____ ____ (first, middle, and last)
A few months after the twins are born your older children keep talking about having a pet. Your and your husband decide to surprise them one day with two pets. One cat, one dog, and let them decide on the name. 

The pets names are (17) ____ and ____ (you can choose the genders).
                                                     Your beautiful family is now complete! Have fun!

1 comment:

  1. 1) Madison Elaine Fitzgerald; Madison Fitzgerald
    2) A) Musician
    3) Melbourne, Austrailia
    4) Brandon Luke James; Brandon James
    5) A
    6) E
    7) August 19th
    8) A
    9) A)Cairo, Egypt, D) Laguna Beach, California, and F)Cannes, France
    10) B)(Starts with an E)
    11) Lanvin Eric-Roux(row) James; Roux James
    12)B) Grandmother
    13) Lucille Yvonne James; Lucy James
    15)A) Scotland
    16) Thomas Luca James & Laila Amelie Grace James; Luca James & Amelie James
    17) Cat: Girl named Kitt James
    Dog: Boy named Loki James

    Given names:
    Lanvin, Lucille, Thomas, and Amelie James <3

    Roux, Lucy, Luca, and Amelie James <3